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Frequently Asked Questions

Backflow Assembly Testing

What is a backflow assembly?
A backflow assembly is a component of your sprinkler system or other hazardous connection that keeps the dirty water in that system from flowing backwards into your plumbing and the public drinking water.

Why does my backflow assembly have to be tested every year?
Your backflow assembly is a mechanical device with moving parts that can break just like your car can break down. The State of Washington has determined that annual testing is most appropriate as stated in WAC 246-290.

Why is it my responsibility?
Your backflow assembly’s installation and maintenance, which includes annual testing, is your responsibility because it is protecting the public water supply from your sprinkler system or other hazardous connection. If not for your sprinkler system or other hazardous connection, there would be no need for the backflow assembly.

What are the chances that a backflow incident

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